GMKS is offering Pet Services to help with your Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Pet Shuttle needs. Founded by the owner of GMKS’ teenage daughter, J.R who have always had a genuine love for animals who mutually love her from the initial meet and greet, it is a privilege to help families alike with their most precious household pets. Not only does this type service bring joy and companionship for the pets, but it also fulfills the heart of young entrepreneurship by making dreams of becoming a Pet Trainer, Groomer and Vet into a reality. Hire those who were born with a natural love and care for pets. After all, Pets Are Family Too!

Pet Sitting

My parents are gone…so glad I’m home!

While you are away, the pets can stay! Pet sitting includes walking, feedings, fresh water, litter box cleanings, quality pet time. Duration: 40 mins

Base Rate: $20.00 (1 visit per day)

Base Rate: $35.00 (2 visits per day)

Dog Walking

I’m ready for my walk now

No need to fear, the dog walkers are here! Unable to walk your dog due to scheduling conflicts, medical reasons or simply because you just don’t feel up to it? Schedule us for a walk and/or playtime. Duration: 20 mins

Base Rate: $15.00 (1 walk per day)

Base Rate: $25.00 (2 walks per day)

Pet Shuttle

Pick Me!!!…..Pick Me!!!!

Pet Shuttle and Pet Taxi will get your pet to the groomer, vet, airport or local destination. Simply let us know the pickup time and your pet is on his/her way! Duration: 20 mins / 10 miles

Base Rate: $25.00 (one-way)

Base Rate: $40.00 (round-trip)