Let’s not forget about our rideshare options for High Schoolers & College Students! We know how students like to go to the mall, football games and special events. During after-hours through the week and on the weekends, we offer non-contracted, prepaid pass services for individuals or small groups of students. Parents can be at peace knowing that their student have a safe and reliable ride from the nightly games without interrupting the parent’s evening plans. Ask your local school about partnering with us and secure your seat early. GMKS Express Ride-Share have you covered!

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GMKS  is actively seeking Brand Ambassadors to join the team! Whether you are a college student looking for internship to get the experience or a high schooler looking for some extra cash for the weekend, we invite you to join our team! This commission-based position will help you get the training and extra cash you need for books, food, clothing, fun…You Name It! Join us and learn to be the independent professional you desire to become! Great position for Marketing majors and those striving to be Entrepreneurs!

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