By booking with GMKS, all policies on the website, email communication and sent via SMS must be followed. All services are prepaid. No refunds, credits or future prorating allowed. Passenger proper conduct in required. All changes must be made via reservations. Drivers can not accept additional request, schedule changes,  pickup/dropoff locations, passenger add-ons or changes, etc. Passengers may not request or receive driver’s personal contact information. All future request must be made via the company’s reservations procedures.


We require a minimum of a 72-hour notice to when making reservations. All payments and required forms must be completed in advance. Please notify us as soon as possible for any last minute emergency requests.


New Reservations: Cancellations on new reservations require a 24-hour notice. Unfortunately, refunds are not allowed on cancellations.

Existing Customers: Parents must notify us at least 4 hours in advance if a pick up has been cancelled. Unfortunately, refunds are not allowed on cancellations.

Inclement Weather

To ensure the safety of all passengers, the company reserves the right to cancel operations in the event of inclement weather. Weather updates and traffic alerts will be monitored closely during days of inclement weather. All customers will be notified of any schedule changes.