Frequently asked questions


Children will be able to chat, make new friends and be entertained by the DVD movies equipped in each shuttle.

Yes, authorization must be given to the school to allow pickup. However, registration is required.

Routes will be mapped according to destinations determined by the company.

All cancellations must be requested and confirmed 4 hours prior to the scheduled time, otherwise an additional fee will be charged.

In the event a child has a non-life threatening emergency, we will pick up your child and take him/her to the destination of your choice as scheduling permits. All paperwork must be completed.

Yes, only in the event it does not conflict with our current schedule.

Routes are made according to seats reserved and must be prearranged. Schedule changes will require a new service agreement.

Our #1 priority is children. We are primarily here to provide transportation services for children ages 4-17; however, our goal is to do so in a manner that is safe and positive.

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