Fleet Manager Position


Responsible for job duties related to supervising, coordinating and planning the fleet management activities to include fleet operations, maintenance and servicing of company vehicles.

  • Responsible for directing fleet management activities to include coordinating & creating routes effectively, scheduling and assigning drivers to ensure proper coverage.
  • Responsible for providing technical training to drivers and staff members, following policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Responsible for maintaining files of fleet and relevant records pertaining to the fleet.
  • Responsible for assisting with formulating new policies and procedures to improve safety, budgeting, etc.
  • Responsible for communicating with drivers, operations and administrative team regarding route related concerns.
  • Responsible for evaluating current routes & systems and develop improvement.
  • Responsible for understanding driver/staff requirements, assisting with interviewing and hiring of new staff members.
  • Responsible for ensuring day-to-day operations are run properly.
  • Responsible for substituting as a driver and/or dispatcher as needed to continue normal operations.


Exhibit good communication and customer service skills

  • Work independently and as part of a team in a safe, friendly, and efficient manner
  • Communicate well with staff about appropriate schedule changes
  • Knowledgeable of computer software/programs
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good management skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills


Evaluated on thoroughness in performing duties, pleasant attitude, punctuality, dependability, ability as a team player, initiative, mature judgment, relationships with co-workers and customers, flexibility, willingness to learn, willingness to train, supervise, coordinate and discipline.

Communications Specialist

Communications Specialist will be responsible for providing the community, senior citizens, schools, youth organizations, churches, fun centers with information about our services and offerings. Communications Specialist will be the liason for the company and potential clients.

Job Description:

  • Initiate outbound calls to introduce and to promote company regarding services offered.
  • Provide general support as needed to targeted schools (private, charter, public) and youth organizations for marketing in effort to promote services offered.
  • Assist with organizing & appointing Field Marketing Personnel for on-site locations.
  • Research for vendor and sponsorship opportunities, scheduling as needed.
  • Keep record of contacts to include potential partnerships and clients.
  • Keep inventory of marketing material needed for Field Marketing Personnel, on-site locations, meetings, events, etc.
  • Schedule meetings and/or webinars for the company with potential partners, school officials, etc
  • Conduct follow-up calls to build rapport with targeted contacts, closing partnership agreements/event dates/vendor slots.
  • Willing to travel to local target areas on special projects/campaigns, as needed.

Job Description:

  • List Nurturing – Upkeep of your lead list (removing old lead, adding new leads, follow-up periodically with leads, placing leads in CRM, etc.)
  • Email Marketing – Creating an email campaign to send online marketing materials to potential prospects about our services, offerings, and special projects.
  • List Building – Building a list of prospects that could use services.
  • Team Building: Brand Ambassadors – Work closely with Field Marketing Personnel / Brand Ambassadors advising of upcoming events in need of a Representative on-site.
  • Calling/Followup – Will reach out to potential prospects by phone or email to set an appt for a representative to meet in person or via webinar.

Minimum Requirements

  • Background in Customer Service, Business, or Communications
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Excellent organization and management skills
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, and written skills
  • Self-Motivator
  • Excellent time-management skills, able to multi-task and goal-oriented